This Kitchen uses hand painted retro inspired cabinetry in light blue and cream to provide a clean, light atmosphere whilst combining in all the elements needed to make a practical kitchen. The retro style mixing of open shelving and closed cabinets on the walls gives equal importance to both useful storage space and beautiful display space.

Mrs C has her holiday apartment on the ground floor of a converted Sussex manor house. She fell in love with the 1950’s colour range and the charm of our ‘Retro Kitchen’ which was carefully designed to suit the unusual shape of her kitchen. The open shelves are ideal for displaying ‘Retro Finds’ and Kitchenware.

This kitchen uses the lay-on door system which basically is a carcass with a flat panel door hinging off it. It is a more modern way of manufacturing kitchen cabinetry, the method of manufacture is a lot less time consuming which makes the kitchen more affordable. This example “McManus Kitchen” shows exactly what can be done from simple well made cabinetry complimented with Retro/Vintage accessories, a stunning almost nostalgic feel is achieved.

This kitchen uses the more complex in frame door system, traditionally associated with the retro feel. The level of detail in the retro styling goes right to the choice of paper to line the drawers. It is this level of care and precision that provides the overall feel of a beautiful, coordinated retro kitchen.